Free Download Bhp Train Over Rio At Yandi mp3

Bhp Train Over Rio At Yandi:

BHP train over Rio at Yandi mp3
Just another day at the office!

Yandi Floodway mp3
Water over the Yandi access road on Sunday 4th Dec 2011.

World's Longest, Heaviest Trains! mp3
The heaviest and longest trains in the world are in Australia's North-West Pilbara region. I shot these clips on Rio Tinto's rail line near Tom Price, Marandoo and ...

Rio Tinto iron ore train mp3
Train from Yandicoogina crossing Great Northern Hwy approx 120 km north of Newman.

Andrews BHP Ore Train mp3
Short Video of Andrew's BHP Ore Train. This video was recorded at the AMRA Qld Clubhouse on the main layout now with the option of Full DCC running.

PB6 on Short train BHP Port Kembla mp3
PB6 on Short train BHP Port Kembla #October 2016.

Yandicoogina - Mining - WA mp3
For more details, visit

To view more information about this program visit: or watch You may also visit our events page for more ...

Rio Tinto Ore Train arriving into Dampier Port Part 2 mp3
Loco's 8140, 7079 and 8132 with a loaded iron ore train arriving into Dampier Port. 21 March 2017.

Longest and heaviest train mp3
One of the longest and heaviest trains in the world 3kms and 43000tons. Bhp beast...

Newman Mining Trucks mp3
A couple talk to Tony Wilson about big trucks and big love. First screened on 'Dimensions: On the Move' on ABCTV in 2000.

Whyalla Iron Ore Railway mp3
A look at the iron ore railway at Whyalla South Australia operated by Genesee & Wyoming filmed in 2017 , at the start there is also a quick look at B.H.P. ...

Yandi Sustaining Project 2014 mp3
For all our family and friends back home, to have a better understanding of our surroundings at work and back at camp.

MEGA TRAINS, MEGA POWER! Longest, Heaviest Iron Ore trains in the WORLD loaded for export to China mp3
These mega iron ore trains carry 22000 tonnes at a time (the ships they load also carry 22000 tonnes) to load the ships that export this precious metal to China ...

Rio Tinto Ore Trains from the 14th & 15th of July 2017 mp3
1. 9109 & 9110 departs the Dampier Yard with an Empty Rio Tinto Ore Train (00:35). 2. 8148/8120/8114 are first seen passing the Australian Made CF Class in ...

Big Train - Port Hedland mp3
2km long iron ore train in Port Hedland Western Australia.

BHP Locos, Boon Crane Yard, Port Hedland, August 25th, 2014 mp3
These locomotives have left BHP metals and currently stand in Boon Crane yard prior to sale.

Heaviest freight train - Un treno lungo 7,353 km! mp3
The heaviest ever train weighed 99732.1 tonnes (220 million lb) and was 7.353 km (4.568 miles) long. Assembled by BHP Iron Ore (Australia), the train travelled ...

The life on a mining village in Western Australia mp3
After working 9 months in different mining sites around Western Australia, I decided to make this little video after realizing that unless you've been there, it's really ...

Yandi Baramanya Family day Blast mp3
Epic pilbara yandicoogina blast! Family day blast.

Rio Tinto Train Ride mp3
A quick video on the Rio Tinto (Red River) Train Ride Tour. Song: Long Quiet Flight of the Pelican by Ending Satellites.

Pilbara Ore train at Sunset mp3
Pilbara Ore trains at sunset on the July 2012.

Perth To Yandi mp3
Time lapse of trip from Perth to Spinifex Camp at Yandicoogina in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

David Stock Yandicoogie Nyiyaparli elder mp3
Clips of an interview with Pilbara elder and Port Hedland identity David Stock taken from a Louis Warren BHP film. David's mother came from the Mount ...

ES44DC train #7853 coming off the cherokee subdivision mp3
Train #7853 with mixed power. Some attached 40cw and 44cw. Along with a BNSF police pull over.

Long iron ore train in Western Australia mp3
Long iron ore train in Western Australia, Port Hedland to Mt Newman. A bit of shaky footage at one stage, I was keeping my distance from a snake while getting ...

Big train mp3
Yandi line rio tinto.

The Pilbara, History of BHP Billiton mp3
Professor Geoffrey Blainey discusses the discovery of iron ore in the Pilbara. About BHP Billiton We are a leading global resources company. Every day our ...

Long train a rolling mp3
Iron ore train in the pilbara. All music is owned by the artists and all rights go to the artist.

Car dumper in action mp3
3 cell car dumper. Taken at bhp port hedland.

From the Archives: The Newman Story (1969) mp3
Discover the early story of our Mount Whaleback mine.

BHP | Iron Ore | Hesta | RailGallery_20170616_1006 mp3
To purchase footage, visit or call +612 6100 8360 and quote file number. © RailGallery –

4.7Km Long Train. Western Australia. HD mp3
While driving towards Marble Bar we came across this train. I have never seen anything so big before. Just goes to show how much they are pulling out of the ...

Longest Iron Ore Train mp3
Mauritanian Railway operates a single 704 km (437mi) railway track. Trains transporting iron ore on it are among the longest trains in the world. They are about ...

Iron Ore Train In Australia's Mid - West. mp3
An empty iron ore train in Australia's Mid-west returning to an iron ore mine on 20th January 2016.

BHP Iron Ore Train with 336 loaded cars mp3
BHP 3 Rake Train shot on the BHP Iron route. SD70ACe is a custom paint job not yet available yet.

Wa trains 38 - ARG PA2819 with 2238 Caustic Soda mp3
Sorry to all viewers for not uploading in a while! Aurizon PA2819 still wears the orignal ARG livery, and being the only 2800 class loco in WA is rare. Due to this ...

BHP | Iron Ore | Hesta | RailGallery_20170616_1010 mp3
To purchase footage, visit or call +612 6100 8360 and quote file number. © RailGallery –

A Double Rake Iron Ore Train from Hedland Yard passes at low speed while another races around the corner passing the other for possible towards Newman.

Banking/Pushing train - detaching mp3
Banking a train up the bank and then detaching.

A Good Day of Freight Trains!! | Bunbury St Tunnel | Part 1 | 20/1/17 mp3
It's a Great Day for Trains... Captured many classes of locomotives going through... NR, XR, N, 82, LDP, XPT, CF, G. And Part 2, will be out Next week to finish it ...

Ship arriving and departing Port Hedland, Western Australia mp3
MV Iron Yandi arriving in Port Hedland, Australia Shot with GoPro HD Hero2 on 5 second time lapse.

National Jet landing at Burimunya field - Pilbara Western Australia mp3
National Jet landing at Burimunya. Delivering fly-in fly-out workers back onto the mining lease. Barimunya is around 2hrs driving time north of Newman.

Wild Horses along the track mp3
Wild horses along the train track.

Pilbara Iron Ore Train mp3
Pilbara Iron Ore Train Western Australia.

CSX Train Goes Over Police Car Ultra HD 60 FPS mp3
Train #Train #Trains #Railroad 7/22/18 in Dunkirk NY. Subscribe to Wide World of Trains here Comment, Like ...

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